Hello everyone and welcome to OurFarmacy. At OurFarmacy we believe that plants are the prefect source of energy and nutrition and that they don't need any help from people, just nature. So, as reasonable people, we are bringing the prefect natural conditions to each plant, and letting the millions of years of evolution do the rest. Plants need what Mother Nature provides, not what chemical companies make. Each one of us here at OurFarmacy wanted food that would heal our bodies by giving them pure, pesticide free food. Seeing that it was impractical, if not impossible, to get that kind of food we decided to grow our own. This website is dedicated to illustrating what we have learned in becoming healing farmers, and hopefully to inspire or guide others who want to do the same. If there is something on the website that you want to make yourself instead of buy and you don't see a post for please email us and we'll tell you how it's done. Our ultimate goal is to heal our bodies from the exposure of modern society.